Civilizations – Choices

Using this website, explore the different times and civilizations that we will be studying and for which your group will be creating a short film. Learn a little bit about the different societies as you will be choosing one of the civilizations from the list below. Choose one that grabs your interest as you will be becoming an expert in that culture and will spend some time digging deeply into it!

Vikings – Nat, Abigail, Chloe
Persian Empire – Ibo, Mo, Eric
Ancient Mayans/Aztecs
Medieval Europe (e.g., France, England, Germany, Italy)
First Nations in North America – Billy, Hassan, Resul
Ancient Greece – Zainab, Nate, Audrey
Ancient Rome
Shogun Period (Japan)/Medieval China
Ancient Egypt – Jacob, Angelo, Lana, Jason
Mesopotamia-Jayden, Jade, Michelle, Autumn, Najir


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