Reflections Week 29, Priorities Week 30 (April 18-21)

A short week but a busy one! Rube Goldberg construction, 3D mapmaking, Dreambox in math, Number Talks 3 of the 4 days, blogging about multiplication strategies, nature walk to gather footage for our commercial for friends in Halifax/Regina, Music Champions video editing, and reading, responding, and writing emails to our penpals. We also spent a couple periods with our Ancient Civilizations project – students are now in groups, have chosen a civilization, and have begun gathering information to summarize the important aspects of the culture (they will eventually be making a movie that explores whether they would prefer living back then or in Canada, 2017). Busy, busy. We are knee deep in projects and loving it! I had several students this week say, “What, it’s already 2:40?” You know the old adage – time flies when you’re having fun.

We didn’t get to division this week but it will be the focus of our number talks next week. We also need to return to some patterning work. Otherwise, we will be continuing all of the projects that are underway. We will be kicking up our Canadian region projects and it will assume an increased priority in the upcoming couple weeks. We will continue to build relationships with our eastern and western penpal buddies and learn about the region in which they live. We need to do some planning for the promotional video we are creating for them. Last, but not least, we will begin talking about our Rocks and Minerals/Habitats walking tours to make some decisions about our learning. We will look at the curriculum and plan for how these outings will help us learn what we need to learn – i.e., what exactly we will be doing out on the trails, what are we looking for, how will we structure our time?

I have sent home trip forms for an ongoing walking trip that we will begin on April 27. Please note that I hope to have these back by April 21. There are also a few students who have not returned their Growth and Development forms. Please return these ASAP, even if you choose to have your child not participate in this curriculum.


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