Reflections Week 30, Priorities Week 31 (Apr. 24-28)

There’s not much new to report. Projects continue and occupied a fair bit of our energies this past week. We had three productive sessions on our 3D map. I have posted some video of a work session on a separate post. The map is really starting to take shape and will form an important part of next week’s activities. We also took a block of learning this week and had a video conference with our friends in Halifax. Students were shocked to hear about the storms and weather they receive in the Atlantic Region!

In Math, we did some patterning work, examining real life patterns we could distinguish in a calendar. We will be continuing with more patterning next week and supplementing math time with some Dreambox activities. Students finished their blog post whereby they explained how they would mentally tackle a multiplication problem involving two digit by one digit multiplication. I have had a look at these explanations on their blog and have given each student feedback. You can see both their original post and my feedback. They spent some time bumping up the original work they did on these blog posts. Though not all students finished, you can access their revised explanation on their blog as well, where they were to use the feedback I gave as a guide to changes.

Next week, we will have our first nature walk on Thursday. Please ensure your child is dressed appropriately. They will need good walking shoes and coats/sweaters depending on the day. It will be a fairly physical time as well so please ensure they are well rested. As a class, we have been doing some planning for what these walks will entail. To do so, students were given copies of the relevant curriculum (we will be tackling rocks and minerals from the Science curriculum for the first walk) and were working on the reading skill of getting the big idea from a piece of writing. Curriculum documents are clearly above most students’ reading level in terms of vocabulary. They were given this more difficult text  so we could work on how you get the “gist” of a reading passage using a variety of strategies. From there, we were planning specific activities for this upcoming Thursday.

Students had a directed lesson on using the online library catalogue to locate books in our library as well as ebooks on the Board’s virtual library (delivered by our librarian Mrs. Morgan). They used these skills to locate resources relating to their Ancient Civilization project. Using an organizer that helps them capture information they can use to summarize their civilization, students had a couple research periods to build a basic understanding of their culture and its most important achievements. We talked at some length about how selecting information is an important part of the research process and how important it is to think about the information you are accessing when researching (rather than just copying it down). We will be continuing with this next week as well and we will have students beginning to plan out the first scene of their movie for this project (where they tell their audience about the civilization they will be discussing-i.e., summarize).

We didn’t get a chance to do any Rube machine building this week but we need to make time next week!

Lastly, there is still a handful of students who need to return walking trip forms and growth and development forms. Please return these ASAP.


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