Success Criteria-Advertisements

Audience and Purpose:
I will identify a specific audience and, through the words I choose, the techniques I use, and the elements I inlcude in my ad, show that I am trying to communicate and engage that audience.
I will show a consistent understanding of the purpose of my ad (i.e., to convince my audience to buy my product).
I will include techniques and elements that we have studied in class that are used in real-life media ads.

I will communicate in a clear manner, presenting my ideas in an easily understandable way.
I will adjust my voice tone, pitch, and volume to highlight points in my presentation.
I will use a number of hand gestures, adjust my facial expression, and keep appropriate eye contact to highlight meaning in my presentation.

Writing Process:
I will have evidence that I have used all steps of the writing process – brainstorming, choosing my best idea, writing plan, rough copy, and editing.

I will have 10-15 ideas.
I will use an appropriate graphic organizer to record my ideas.
I will have ideas that are clear and relate to my my assigned topic.

Plan/Rough Draft
I will have an effective organizer for my ad that I use to guide my writing.

I will show evidence that I have used my editing checklist.

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