Social Studies Project Proposals

We are at the beginning of inquiries into Early Societies (grade 4) and Early European Contact with First Nations (Grade 5s). We have spent a few periods looking at curricular expectations, developing some “I wonder” questions, and brainstorming different possible projects we may make to address learning in these areas. It is time for us to choose a project! We will be starting these when we first come back from March Break. Please think about the following questions and respond on your blog. Remember to think about your sentences (e.g., run-on sentences, does it make sense?), punctuation, capitals, and spelling before you hit “Publish.”

  1. Briefly summarize some of the projects that you considered.
  2. Describe the project that you would like to do. Provide details about it. What will be involved in it? Be specific.
  3. What materials might you need? Do you see this as a group project? If so, what kind of group? Why is this better as a group (or as an individual project)?
  4. Break down your project into some general steps and provide some approximate timelines for each step.
  5. What curricular learning will your project address? Look at the curriculum and choose some expectatations that your project will address.
  6. Persuade me that this is a valuable learning activity in Social Studies.


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