Living Fractions/Decimals Line

I thought a couple pictures showing our living fractions/decimals lines might help you envision what we have been doing. Students worked in groups, each group having a different fraction they used to break up their line. The lines had to be exactly 600cm long, parallel to the west wall, and exactly 1m centre from each other. The lines were to begin 2m from the south wall and the first line had to be 2m from the west wall. From there, they discussed strategies on how to divide up their line according to their assigned fraction. We developed some success criteria (which are available on this blog) and students explained their thinking and strategies. I provided feedback, we shared strategies as a class, and we then reassigned lines so that students could divide the lines according to decimals to the tenths. Students then composed another response outlining their thinking. Throughout we had discussions comparing different point between the lines to note and see equivalencies.



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