Week 26 Review, Week 27 Preview (Mar. 26-29)

If you’d like to see what we we have been working on this past week, from a student perspective, visit Mr. Hughey’s Class Weekly Update!

It was a positive start back into school after our March Break. I hope everybody had a relaxing and enjoyable time over the break. Our advertisements are taking shape very well and most groups are nearing completion of their rough drafts of these productions. Next week, we will turn to some editing activities around these and hopefully finish completely (though this may be a bit ambitious). We have begun brainstorming for a creative writing project and this will also continue next week, with students beginning to select organizers to map out their work and get into rough draft production.

Our science experiments are entirely complete and students spent a couple periods this week reflecting upon their experiments, reviewing data that they collected, and drawing conclusions about what they learned from the tests. Next week, we will turn our attention to human organ systems (grade 5s) and rocks and minerals (grade 4s). As always, we will begin by developing questions that students have about these subjects. This will take up our time in the upcoming, short week in Science. From there, students in grade 5 will be working towards completing construction of a number of bodily systems on a 2 metre human that my grade 5s began in a previous year. Students in grade 4 will be reaching out into the community to make contact with an expert in the field of rocks and minerals and arrange interviews, Facetime sessions, or some other kind of correspondence. We will have to see where the students want to take this project specifically.

We spent a fair bit of time this week developing projects for our upcoming Social Studies investigations. Students have been writing proposals that outline a project that they intend to work towards regarding Early European/First Nations contact (grade 5) and Early Societies (grade 4). Each student developed an idea and has pitched it to me on their blogs. We will make our final decisions on these projects early in the week and begin researching the subject matter next week. Specifically, we will be focusing on identifying effective keyword searches to gather desired information and will look at how exactly Google goes about determining search results.

In Math, we spent this week investigating properties of a variety of shapes (i.e., geometry). Next week, we will have an activity that has students plotting coordinates on a grid, using shapes. I have not determined the precise nature of the project but the aim is to not only have students using coordinates but also to start thinking about translations of geometric shapes (i.e., how they can be flipped, slid, or reflected while still retaining their essential properties).

And, remember that the next two weeks are four day weeks as we head into the long Easter weekend!


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