Week 29 Review, Week 30 Preview (Apr. 16-20)

To view our week from a student perspective, please visit Hughey’s Class Weekly Update, Episode 4.

Our ads are finished! Although we have a couple of students that still need to upload their projects, most have posted these on their blog already. Go check them out. Moving forward in Language next week, we will be jumping fully into our creative writing project. Students have already done some work on this. We will be starting with an assessment that has students independently choosing and employing appropriate organizers to develop a plan (we have talked a great deal this year about how to use graphic organizers in arranging ideas, in a variety of contexts). We are also madly getting through our read aloud of The Hobbit – we are about 2/3 of the way through – and we will push this to the fore this upcoming week. Our read alouds of this book have been focusing on techniques that creative writers use. This past week we have concentrated on how Tolkien uses adjectives and adverbs to bring life to his writing. In the upcoming week, we will be identifying some other techniques that he uses with a mind to supporting students as they begin their own creative writing in earnest.

Our Social Studies and Science projects have focused on creating a base of knowledge in the various subject areas students are looking into. As always, we began with questioning. In this round of questioning, we focused on students identifying effective keywords from questions they developed that would then allow them to effectively locate the information that they need in online searches. In the upcoming week, we will be formally assessing how well students have mastered this skill. Next week, we will be moving into how we assess the credibility of websites when conducting research and working with ways to organize information we have collected. We will also have some content-specific, directed lessons to help supplement students’ knowledge base.

In Math, we focused on probability this past week and students engaged in a number of games of chance, determining the likelihood of events occurring and introducing mathematical concepts for how to capture such information (e.g., tally charts). We also introduced appropriate language to use when talking about probability. We will have yet another formal assessment of their understanding of these concepts on Monday. From there, we will move back into some operational sense learning, focusing especially on subtraction and division strategies.

Lastly, in Music, we began rehearsing our song for the Spring concert. Grade 4/5s will be playing ukuleles and singing along with our grade 1 classes. I won’t tell what the song is though. No spoilers!

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