Choosing A Topic

Now that you have brainstormed a number of possible things you may want to write about (in this case introducing yourself to members of the Commons), you must now choose a topic. Should you simply do this randomly? The answer is, “NOOOOO!!” Consider the following when thinking about which idea you will use:

  1. Your audience – To whom are you writing? What is the type of person on the Commons you would like to read your post? What would be of interest to them? What kind of space is the Commons? Who runs it and who accesses it?
  2. Your purpose – What is the purpose of your writing? Why have you been asked to produce this writing? What is it supposed to accomplish?
  3. Ideas – What do you have to say about the subject? Do you already have a lot of ideas and supporting details that you could add? Do you think you could think of other things to say about this topic?
  4. Your own interest – How interested are you in what you are writing about? Are you passionate about the topic? Being passionate about your topic will help you find a better “voice” in your writing.


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