Learning Goals and Success Criteria

Click below to see our learning goals and success criteria for the work we are doing in class:



Learning Reflections

The Writing Process
Choosing Your Best Idea
Making a Plan
Editing  (Click here for a copy of your Editing Checklist)

MathFace” – Symmetry, Grid Coordinates, and Parallelograms


Learning Goals
We are learning the properties of a variety of gears and pulleys.
We are learning about line and texture in art drawings.

Success Criteria
I will create a machine that has 10-15 clear and different steps.
I will include at least 3 steps that have 2 different kinds of pulleys.
I wil include at least 2 steps that include 2 types of gears.
I will use 5 – 6 different kinds of line in my design drawing.
I will 5 – 6 different textures in my design drawing.

Student Created Math Problems for Estimation.

-We are learning strategies to solve a math problem.
-We are learning ways to communicate our thinking for a problem and what steps must be included.

Success Criteria for Communicating My Solutions:
-My solutions will include pictures and/or manipulatives.
-My solutions will include number equations (algorithms). E.g. 5 x 25, 81 -73
-My solutions will include an oral explanation of what I am doing to solve the problem.
-My solutions will be presented step by step. E.g., “First, I….,” “Next, I….,” Then, I…,” “Finally, I….”


Off the Wall Brainstorming
I will have 10-15 ideas.
I will have all ideas that relate somehow to the Off the Wall item.
I will have ideas that are not just a form (e.g., movie, story, poem).



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